Leather Luxe Detailer

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Leather Lux Plus had been specially designed for use on premium automotive leather.

Step 1: Spray onto a soft Lint Free Cloth

Step 2: Buff over leather surface

Step 3: Gently buff off to give satin finish

Comes in 300ml Aliminuim bottle for safe storage.




Leather Lux is a premiuim cleaner and conditioner of automotive leather surfaces including upholstery, seats, dash boards and door cards.

It will ‘freshen up’ leather surfaces leaving a clean satin finish adding a quality look to the leather.

Leather Lux contains a blend of mild cleaning detergent leather additives and oils, resulting a mild but effective product that will leave a conditioned surface.

Extremely fast drying making it ideal to keep in the car for any light cleaning duties e.g coffee, chocalte etc.

Comes in a 300 ml Aliminuim bottle with a secure screw top on, safe to keep in the vehicle.

To use simply spray onto a damp lint free soft cloth, and wipe onto surface and then if needed buff off with a clean microfibre or lint free cloth.


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