Vista Plastic Renovater

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Vista plastic renovater is a Silicone free solvent based exterior plastic dressing which restores fadded plastic trim. Once Vista is applied and has a curing time it will leave no water or streaking marks on paintwork unlike gel based products.

Vista will protect and leave a long lasting finish even after repated washing.




Vista Long Life exterior plastic conditioner

  • Clean exterior plastic with Mint Condition to remove any stubbourn dirt.
  • Let the plastic area dry
  • Apply Vista with a cloth or Polish Sponge evenly over the plastic bumper or wing mirror
  • Buff to remove any excess Vista leaving uniform shine.
  • Remove any Vista which may have been applied to the paintwork accidently with Lustre or Super Polish.

*It is Important to damp cloth or sponge used to apply Vista with water and dispose off safely, and use disposable gloves when applying Vista.


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